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North Shore AAC, LLC

  • AAC professional trainings 

  • AAC evaluations, therapy, & teletherapy in Massachusetts

  • School & EI contract services

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Taking a Neurodiversity-Affirming Approach to Augmentative Alternative Communication Therapy and Consulting

At North Shore AAC, it is our mission to break down communication barriers by helping children communicate independently through the use of an appropriate AAC device. By simplifying the AAC process and offering expert guidance, parents experience the joy in seeing their child's world open up as they are able to communicate.

Caregiver Consulting

Determining if AAC is the right choice 

Finding the best AAC approach for your child

Review IEPs and evaluations


Strategies to expand your child's communication functions

LAMP Words for Life® support and training

Professional Coaching & Training for AAC

Training and coaching for private practices, speech-language pathologists, paraprofessionals, related professionals, and schools.

Are you looking for dedicated training on AAC or support inside a therapy session?

We offer one-on-one coaching, in-services, co-treatment sessions, and more. 

Online and in-person training is available.

Evaluations & Therapy

Evaluations to identify the best Speech Generating Device for each child 

AAC therapy for meaningful communication

Therapy for vocabulary and language development

Training for communication partners to support AAC use 

Services are available in-person in the Newbury, MA area, and via teletherapy for any client located in the state of MA.

AAC offers people access to language, giving them the tools to engage with the world.


I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Michelle in many capacities from collaborating with her in my role as a special education teacher to learning LAMP Words for Life (trainings, consults, direct work with students) and providing LAMP family and staff trainings and support. Michelle is a passionate, patient, and hard worker! She always goes above and beyond her role as an SLP. She uses an individual's interests to gain functional communication. Michelle is always up with the newest research in regard to functional communication and implements new strategies and techniques to reach all individuals in the world of speech and language. Her positive attitude and a calm demeanor allow her to build rapport with the client as well as families. She is an active listener and is always her client's number one advocate! I highly recommend Michelle’s services. 

T. E. 

MA Public school Educator 

The North Shore AAC Blog

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