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Serving individuals with complex communication needs due to autism, apraxia of speech, Down syndrome, cleft lip/palate, dysarthria, developmental disabilities, and cerebral palsy.

Services are available in-person in the Newbury, MA area, and via teletherapy for any client located in the state of MA.

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Augmentative Alternative Communication

Helping a child communicate freely using AAC is nothing short of life-changing. AAC enables people to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and about anything they want. So often people who have poor speech intelligibility rely on family members to translate their speech. But what happens if those family members are unavailable, or when the child wants to express a totally new concept and the family does not understand? Being unable to communicate spontaneously can be frustrating and disheartening. 

All too often we see inaccurate assumptions made about a non-verbal child's cognitive skills and abilities. Inaccurate assumptions can lead to low expectations and increase learned helplessness. AAC offers people access to language which gives them the tools to engage with the world. We believe access to language is a universal human right and all people should be able to engage in Spontaneous Novel Utterance Generation, aka, SNUG. Click here to learn more about SNUG


Deciding if AAC is the right fit for your child and your family is a big decision. Our evaluations will assess your child's current communication skills, trial low-tech and high-tech AAC devices, and determine the most appropriate communication solution for your child. We will spend time answering your questions, discussing your immediate needs and long-term goals, and determine the best next steps.

Evaluations are offered in-person in the Newbury, MA area, and via teletherapy for any client located in the state of MA.

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AAC therapy involves working directly with the client as well as with their communication partners. From initial devise set-up to training and skill development, each session is tailored to our client's unique needs and goals. 

We focus on creating opportunities and motivation for your child to make requests, share thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and engage in conversation. 

Services are available in-person in the Newbury, MA area, and via teletherapy for any client located in the state of MA.


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