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Where is the fart bag?

Sometimes in AAC therapy you have to bring out the major leaguer. And by that I mean, the unsung hero of bodily function humor - the unappreciated, the fabulous, the often overlooked self-inflating Whoopie Cushion.

I found my wonderful cushion at the grocery store - where, to be perfectly honest, I find many of my AAC therapy tools. Just imagine my own teenagers' faces when, while unpacking salsa, ice cream, Cheetos and other healthy foods, they stumbled across it and said, "Mom! Whyyyyyyyyy?!" Ah, but they know why - for my therapy sessions, of course.

To model vocabulary with a Whoopie Cushion you must channel your inner 6 year old. It's easy once you get the hang of it.

Core: Sit on it, Get it, Put it there, Where did it go?, Who did it?

Descriptive Teaching: Yellow fart bag

Prepositions: Where should we put it? On/under/next to the chair

Answering Questions: Who did it?

Negatives: Not me! Not Mom!

Pronouns: You sit on it, My turn, Your turn, She did it, I did

Concepts: Big fart, Little fart, Sit fast, Sit slow

Comments: Yuck, Ew, Yikes

Polite Phrases: Excuse me, Sorry

What words would you target with a Whoopie Cushion?

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