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Three Reasons to Host an On-Site AAC Training

Are you overwhelmed by AAC and/or exhausted from trying to get buy-in at your school? Bring an AAC training to your district so the whole team can get on board!

Here are my top three reasons for bringing in an AAC enthusiast.

Reason # 1 - Increase your team's knowledge of AAC

It's good to go over the basics of what AAC is and, perhaps more importantly, what it is NOT. Ahem, AAC is not a choice board. Your team may not realize how many of their students could benefit from AAC. A training can lay the foundation for AAC success - modeling language, least to most prompting, visuals and more.

Reason #2 - Bust AAC myths

There are always, and I do mean always, skeptics who worry that AAC will limit speech development - it won't! Best to nip potential AAC barriers in the bud so you can hit the ground running.

Reason # 3 - Get staff excited AAC

This is the best part! After a training, no doubt your staff will bound out the door excited about how awesome and empowering AAC can be.

Want to give AAC training a go? Click here to schedule a FREE consultation to see how AAC training could benefit your team!

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