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How to Make a Giant Low-Tech LAMP WFL Board - 2.0

To put it mildly, my low-tech LAMP WFL board has seen better days. It's time for an upgrade. The real reason behind it is that a coworker made a new, sparkling, beautiful one. I was so jealous that it spurred me into action.

The last time I made a big board, my dear teenaged children helped me, but now? Not so much. This time I'm on my own. What else do I really have to do anyway? Ahem... write five AAC evals, catch up on three days of session notes, prep for teletherapy sessions, buy dog food, plan for/shop for/cook dinner, etc...

Fellow SLP moms, you know the drill.

Here's how I made my board this time around.

Step #1

In the past, you had to email the LAMP WFL home page image to a print shop and ask them to enlarge it. Now all you have to do is give your local PRC rep a shout and they can mail you some LAMP WFL posters.

Easy peasy.


Step #2

Put your pandemic hazmat suit on and venture to your local print shop. Ask them to put the LAMP WFL poster on a foam board and fork over the cash - about $40.

Actual video of me going to Staples.

Step #3

Bring your beautiful LAMP WFL board home and admire. Now it's ready to hang in your office. You can use it for modeling, prompting, literacy activities, articulation practice, etc. The possibilities are endless. You could leave it like this or....... jazz it up!

Bonus Step #4

Snag an additional copy of the LAMP WFL poster and cut out the individual icons.

Bonus Step #5

Trim the edges. Trust me, they WILL bother you later.

Bonus Step #6

Laminate individual icons. Easy right?


Can you even call yourself an SLP if you are bad at laminating? I hope so.

Bonus Step #6

Cut out all the laminated icons and place in a beautiful stack.

Bonus Step #7

Snag some self-adhesive velcro dots and attach each cut-out icon to its matching spot on the big board.

Let the fun begin!

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