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How to Create a Giant Low-Tech TouchChat Board

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

I'll admit it, I am obsessed with low-tech visuals. Here's how I made a giant low-tech TouchChat Board - to be specific, a low-tech TouchChat board with WordPower60 Basic with Symbol Support. Try saying that ten times fast.

Step One: Call your Saltillo rep and ask them to send you a poster.

Step Two: Sit next to mailbox.

Once your beloved poster arrives, you could put it to good use right away or you could make some tweaks so that it looks exactly like your student's WordPower60 Basic home screen. I am a stickler for motor planning, so I had to keep going.

Step Three: Find and mark off the vocab words that are on the WP 60 home screen.

Step Four: Cut out the icons.

Step Five: Lay out the icons according to their placement on the WordPower60 Basic Home Page to double check you have the right words. (FYI - I am definitely not wearing PJs.)

Step Six: Laminate!

Step Seven [Optional]: Run out of laminating sheets. Dang it!

Step Eight: After additional laminating sheets have been obtained, cut out icons and place them in a satisfying stack.

Step Nine: Velcro one icon to a foam board. You could measure and draw a grid for the icons, but I just eye-balled it.

Step Ten: Repeat step ten only 50ish more times!

Now your Low Tech Board is ready for modeling. Let the fun begin!

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